RIAT Blockchain Academy

The RIAT Blockchain Academy is aimed at getting developers ready for the crypto-era.

For organisations and companies we offer tailored formats – get in touch with us or visit us at one of our open crypto days or other public events.


Smart Contract Development with Ethereum

This 4-day course teaches the basics of smart contract development on the Ethereum platform using Solidity and the Truffle Framework. It covers the full workflow of developing, testing and deploying contracts as well as interacting with them afterwards. In addition you will learn about common contract patterns and potential security issues.

In this course you will learn

  • How the Ethereum smart contracts platform works in depth
  • How to write and properly test smart contracts
  • How to use the Truffle Development Framework
  • Which standards are out there and how to reuse well-tested code
  • How to deploy contracts and get them verified on block explorers
  • How to interact with contracts from the JavaScript side
  • About common contract patterns and when they are appropriate
  • How to avoid common security issues
  • How your UI can work with different browsers and wallets

Prerequisites: Solid experience in any object-oriented programming language.

Pre-register now:

>> October 11-14, Vienna

After the course, participants can earn our “Smart Contract Developer” certificate (issued on the Ethereum blockchain) by solving a number of off-site exercises. This includes a medium-sized contract example and a number of smaller theoretical and practical exercises.


Advanced Smart Contract Development with Ethereum

In this 2-day course we cover advanced patterns such as implementing state channels, delegators / proxies for upgradability and take a deeper look at debugging, optimisation and security tools.

In this course we will look at:

  • Update and governance mechanisms such as those found in ZeppelinOS or Aragon
  • Various ways to optimize gas costs
  • Useful basic cryptoeconomic primitives
  • State channels and how to implement them
  • Other mechanisms to scale applications such as Plasma, TrueBit or Loom Network
  • Existing tools for security checking and verification
  • Mechanisms to increase user privacy

Throughout the course we will develop small demo contracts to put the theory into practice.

Prerequisites: Experience with (Ethereum) smart contract development.

Pre-register now:

>> October 20-21, Vienna


Upcoming courses in other Cities

Academy courses are planned in Prague (CZ).
For Prague and other locations pre-register below, or get in touch with Dezentrum for courses in Zürich.

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Background and other inquiries:

Our educators are professional developers and are actively running and maintaining cryptocurrency and blockchain meetups.

Matthias Tarasiewicz (Cryptoeconomic Design, Proof-of-Concepts)
Ralph Pichler (Ethereum, Smart Contracts)
Paul Rieger (NEM, Startup Token-Bootcamp)
Markus Zimmermann (Crypto-Communication, Use-Cases)
Andreas Kern (Bitcoin, Blockchain Technologies, Crypto 101)