RIAT is an institute for research, development, communication and education in the fields of cryptoeconomics and the blockchain. We work with experimental artistic technology and open hardware. We explore and actively stress-test the role of research and development in the age of zero-trust, through novel forms of presentation, discussion and publication. Examining the global cryptoeconomic condition and its effects on culture and society, we foster an open and interdisciplinary discourse to improve crypto-literacy for the society of tomorrow and foster the adoption of cryptography and privacy technologies across disciplines.

RIAT is an independent institute operating since 2012 with main headquarters in Vienna, Austria and a large international network around the globe. RIAT consists of a network of researchers, developers, entrepreneurs and experimentalists working on conceptioning, research design, project development and mentoring on future topics of decentralisation. For the team and people involved, please see the people section.

RIAT – Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics
Neubaugasse 64-66/III/4
A-1070 Vienna, Austria.
ZVR400052454, ATU67382735, StNo: 224/3530

E-Mail: office@riat.at
Tel: +43 1 3979538